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What is Her Product Lab and who should attend?

This event is for those who create, build or design! Whether you’re a product manager leading a big feature release at your company, you’re launching your first venture, or simply looking to learn more about product, our event is for you. We anticipate a mix of attendees who are:

  • Product Managers
  • Founders
  • Designers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Hiring Managers
  • Engineers
By bringing these communities together, we expect participants to come away with a lot of new possibilities for their careers and to meet others who can help them launch their product or take it to the next level.

Is this event for engineers too?

There is a lot here for engineers to learn about how products are made, including user experience, customer research and marketability. We’ll also have inspirational talks, mentorship opportunities and recruitment to help attendees move up in their careers or launch their own ventures regardless of their position.

What does my ticket include?

The conference ticket includes access to the full day virtual conference. The tickets includes: Acess to insightful talks Virtual lobbies for exhibits and sponsors Chance to win giveaways Ability to network with other conference attendees The conference plus ticket adds: Live Q/A room and time with our speakers A post conference recording of talks A free copy of "You: The Product" by Vivek Bedi - An HPL Executive Board Member & Seasoned Product Expert. His new book focuses on the real skills you need to be an effective product manager such as negotiating storytelling, and much more. The conference and workshop ticket adds: An exclusive second day of hands-on learning experience on March 5th via a small, interactive workshop. These sessions are conducted by industry experts from Product Immersion. The workshop will focus on a case study where you will learn tips on skills such as persona reviews, competitive analysis, interviewing customers, feature prioritization, and much more. Email us at info@herproductlab.com for any questions.

How can I convince my manager to attend?

Great question! We think it’s important that your manager understands how you’ll be spending your day away from the office. Which is why we created this email message that you can share that explains what you will gain from attending. Click here to view the email draft and feel free to revise and use.

Why is this virtual?

We are living in an unprecedented time and want to make sure the health and safety of our speakers, sponsors, and guests in the upmost priority. Therefore, we have made our summit virtual. We really hope to bring in person summits back in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy the conference from the comfort of your home. In addition, we have gotten a lot of requests from women across the globe! We want to make sure we provide everyone we can with a amazing experience as soon as possible. Making the event virtual gives access to the product insights of this conference to anyone anywhere in the world. That really excited us.

What should I wear?

This is a safe zone, be yourself! This event is really about showcasing who you are and meeting like-minded people. Feel free to dress casually with jeans and sneakers or dress up if that’s your style.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable, however you can transfer your ticket to another person you know who will appreciate being a part of the experience. All you have to do is update your information on Eventbrite. Here’s a quick tutorial.

How can I present at the conference or nominate someone?

We love when people raise their hand to be part of our event. To submit yourself or another person, email us at info@herproductlab.com and include your bio or LinkedIn page as well as what topic(s) you’d like to present on.

Can I recruit at this event?

Yes, absolutely! We created sponsorship booths that can be used for on-site, all day recruiting. Email us to learn more at info@herproductlab.com.

I’m interested in being a Sponsor!

Fantastic! We love to hear that.To learn more, email us at info@herproductlab.com.

How else can I get involved?

We have a few open positions for volunteers to help with day-of logistics as well as promotion leading up to our events. And we’re always open to having a conversation about any other ideas you may have on how you’d like to participate. Email us at info@herproductlab.com to get the conversation started!

Can men attend too?

Absolutely! This is summit is not exclusively for women and for men that are passionate about product. Also it is great for men that love to hear from inspiring women and their journeys.

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Is there something you want to know but isn’t listed?

You can contact us at info@herproductlab.com