One December night in New York City, the two of us were at dinner for our usual girls night out. A few drinks later, we came up with a crazy idea (drinks can bring out the best in you). We both agreed that conferences around innovation can be so mundane and uninspiring. Also why are there never as many women speakers? Not as many women attendees? We started getting annoyed (might have been the drinks). Our idea was to disrupt it all and create the summit that women really crave. It will inspire, educate, bring together, and do so much more. Oh yea, it will also be fun, interactive, and just glam! Little did we know that was the night Her Product Lab was born.

Over the next 3 weeks, we created a chat group and started brainstorming ideas. Before you know it we had 100's of messages and tons of amazing ideas. We reached out to potential speakers. Then sponsors. Mainly to see if there is any interest and we have now have so much support. We built a website, an Instagram account, a logo, and before you know it we were online. We booked a NY location. Then a few days later a Chicago location. Then started lining up multiple other cities. All this happen in 3 weeks! We are so excited to inspire women and be inspired by women and finally release the event women have been craving - Her Product Lab.


Monica Rozenfeld


As an editor turned product manager, I am so energized by the words of inspiring women and crave for all to hear them.

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Lina Bedi


With a former Fortune 100 career, and now a mom of a daughter, I want all girls to know their future is so bright.

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